Minecraft Warden: Keep your FreeBSD10 Minecraft Server Up and Running

My friend Stephane Potvin had been running a Minecraft server but was stuck with some reliability issues. I did some work for the start-up scripts but that work was lost when the port maintainer (rightfully so) decided to take a step back and fix up the port. He did a great job in my opinion and left the “start-up” process to be figured out by users.

That said, there was still a gap left. The reality is that some of things in the older port used a .lck file and that made things great and portable since you could use whatever the heck you want to wrap the service and start it up, restart it, shut it down, etc.

Having said all of that, I present to you my MinecraftWarden to keep the Minecraft application running like it should! Here is a link to my gitlab repo: MinecraftWarden. The only caveats are that we haven’t tested it on his system since I need to bring him a Gigabit switch to connect the server onto his network.

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