RAM Upgrade!!!!

Did some hardware work this morning on the FreeNAS box. I’ve added another 8GB DDR3 so I’m now running with headroom (yay!) and a total of 16GB of RAM. Additionally, I swapped the SATA cable connected to my 4TB Toshiba drive (the one giving me CDMA errors) and hopefully that eliminates the SATA communication errors that have been cropping up. FYI, the reallocated sector counts were not that. They were indeed SATA read errors but the way the smartctl display output to my tiny terminal screen made me read it incorrectly.

I’ll look at fixing the automatic update feature on WP since I need to do some updating on the MCO side of things; some good security improvements are being released so I want to run them. First, my own server as a test!

FYI, check out the lack of swap usage in my screenshot (The lack of a red spot on the swap graph!):

No More Swap!
No More Swap!

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