The Best Spreadsheet Yet

I have corrected some Natural Frequency calculations and applied new-found Motion Ratio information after working through bump/droop travel and empirically measuring the MR in the rear and front of the car. AbarthSuspensionForm This is version 0.4. I replace all the links by the same name, so you don’t need to necessarily download the sheet from this… Continue reading The Best Spreadsheet Yet

Back to MySQL tuning

Running MySQL Tuner we get: [!!] Temporary tables created on disk: 65% (640 on disk / 973 total) Variables to adjust: tmp_table_size (> 32M) max_heap_table_size (> 16M) And [OK] InnoDB buffer pool / data size: 128.0M/1.8M [OK] InnoDB buffer pool instances: 1 [!!] InnoDB Used buffer: 6.45% (528 used/ 8192 total) I’ll continue tweaking the… Continue reading Back to MySQL tuning

Bug Fix to Minecraft Warden

After deploying the Minecraft Warden to my friend’s server we found some issues with placing it into production. I think I missed a commit->push because the same use-case was working fine on my system. Having said that, there was an issue with how the software would handle the case where the server wasn’t running and… Continue reading Bug Fix to Minecraft Warden

Tire Weather Website

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about building a quick website to help my fellow enthusiasts in Canada to decide on whether or not they should install their high-specification summer tires. So far, this is what I’ll use to represent the idea/basic logic/basic design spec. I think that I’ll be doing this in C#… Continue reading Tire Weather Website

Design Patterns In Java

As good review, I have started a repository to track my refresher on design patterns in Java. Keep an eye out and definitely keep an eye out for the same thing but in C. I am a C guy after all ;). Java Repo

BSDCan coming to town and…more MySQL Tuning

The best conference in Ottawa….in my opinion! Check it out, it is very UNIXy and Linuxy: BSDCan 2016. I see this: [!!] Temporary tables created on disk: 65% (274 on disk / 416 total) and this: Variables to adjust: tmp_table_size (> 16M) And with some reading at the MySQL handbook, I agree with mysqltuner’s recommendations. Based on the… Continue reading BSDCan coming to town and…more MySQL Tuning

Time to tune my WordPress database

I’ll start by inspecting the anonymous accounts listed here: Remove Anonymous User accounts – there are 2 Anonymous accounts. Set up a Password for user with the following SQL statement ( SET PASSWORD FOR ‘user’@’SpecificDNSorIp’ = PASSWORD(‘secure_password’); ) Set up a Secure Password for user@host ( SET PASSWORD FOR ‘user’@’SpecificDNSorIp’ = PASSWORD(‘secure_password’); ) Log in… Continue reading Time to tune my WordPress database