Tuition to Wage Ratio Since 1970.

TuitionToWageRatioInteresting results after trying to actually sift through sources on news articles and reading comments on CBC news sites about inflation, generation this and that. I seriously think that this graph shows it pretty damn clearly. Here, unlike news articles without listed sources, are my sources so you can check my numbers as published by the faculties/universities themselves.

Can we put the rebuttal from a lot of the now older generations claiming that we are “spoiled?” Each generation has its challenges and the populace from each generation is divided differently with regard to income. Not everyone from the boomer generation was rich and not everyone had the same opportunities as everyone else. The same applies to modern times folks.

What do we see?

In 1970, you could work 18.75 hours/week for 4 months (summer vacation) and pay for a year of school. In 2016, you must work 136.85 hours/week for 4 months (summer vacation) to pay for ONE year of school, that’s 19.5 hours/day for those 4 months by the way. That gives you about 4.5 hours of sleep, plenty for a young teen! Spread it out over a year? Sure, that’s 45.62 hours/week for 12 months! See the issue folks? Let’s try to stop pretending that “you had it hard too” because education these days is absolutely and insanely out of reach for middle class children to pay on their own.

The goal here is to show everyone that the numbers are what they are and that it’s an issue for everyone. I think the article written by the CBC was built to hedge Canadian generations against each other and if you read the comments, that is what certainly happened.



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