FreeNAS server receives a RAM upgrade

Previously the server that I’ve been running a number of systems on has run 16GB, however, around the time that I also started leveraging Plex I noticed that the swap space has been consumed ever so slowly. I disabled some services that I no longer needed but still saw the swap getting eaten up and Plex is very much worth it.

So I’ve removed one of the 8GB memory sticks and installed a 16GB stick for a total of 24GB. That reminds me, I should probably replace my stripe with a RAIDZ array at some point.

The Final Pieces Have Arrived

I’m cheating a bit here because….I’m about to start up the rig for the first time so here is a “teaser” for now. These parts took some frustrating amounts of time to wait for but will they be worth it?

Cryptocurrency Miner Parts Arrival (Part 2)

Today, our postal workers brought to the fold my CPU, RAM, motherboard, USB PCIe Risers and a 3rd GPU. We’re going to try the Pentium G4400, 4GB DDR4 RAM running at 2133MHz from Crucial and starting off the build with three 1060 OC 6GB cards from Asus.

Cryptocurrency Miner Build Ramping Up


My Co-workers and I have decided to create a co-op cryptocurrency miner. It is making use of the brand new Rosewill BM-600 mining case and so much more. Here is the first teaser of the received parts.

Cryptocurrency Miner – The Farm Begins

I’ve been mining on my main desktop for some time now and have made approximately $100. At this point, I’m looking to grow the farm and my systems’ capacity for more hashing power than I currently have available.

My desktop will be upgraded from a Phenom II to a Ryzen 3 processor and will receive a motherboard that has 4 PCI-E slots (2 x16 slots and 2 x1 slots).

Here is the picture of the case and power supply that I’ll be using. The case is a vintage Asus Vento ATX that I purchased for a Folding@Home farm that I was maintaining. The power supply is a refurbished 500W VisionTek power supply. It’s a cheapie but I’ll give it a shot.

VisionTek Power Supply
VisionTek Power Supply

My Phenom II will be moved to this “new-old” case and the RX560 that I currently have in-use will also be moved. I have an RX570 8GB video card that I have on the way and I’ll install that into my main desktop.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Here I Come!

After catching myself up with my MCO sysadmin duties and discovering some custom code on their wordpress page, I started thinking about the systems that I’m running at home. For one, the GitLab server that I’ll be storing said custom code needs a safe place to sit.

After seeing what was what on the system, I had found that the server wasn’t even running (note to self, set up monitoring ASAP), the server could use another CPU and finally, I was running 14.04 LTS. Whew, work has been piling up for sure.

Naturally, as I make this post, there are wordpress updates too :). It’ll be a busy weekend for me!

RAM Upgrade!!!!

Did some hardware work this morning on the FreeNAS box. I’ve added another 8GB DDR3 so I’m now running with headroom (yay!) and a total of 16GB of RAM. Additionally, I swapped the SATA cable connected to my 4TB Toshiba drive (the one giving me CDMA errors) and hopefully that eliminates the SATA communication errors that have been cropping up. FYI, the reallocated sector counts were not that. They were indeed SATA read errors but the way the smartctl display output to my tiny terminal screen made me read it incorrectly.

I’ll look at fixing the automatic update feature on WP since I need to do some updating on the MCO side of things; some good security improvements are being released so I want to run them. First, my own server as a test!

FYI, check out the lack of swap usage in my screenshot (The lack of a red spot on the swap graph!):

No More Swap!
No More Swap!