Cryptocurrency Miner – The Farm Begins

I’ve been mining on my main desktop for some time now and have made approximately $100. At this point, I’m looking to grow the farm and my systems’ capacity for more hashing power than I currently have available.

My desktop will be upgraded from a Phenom II to a Ryzen 3 processor and will receive a motherboard that has 4 PCI-E slots (2 x16 slots and 2 x1 slots).

Here is the picture of the case and power supply that I’ll be using. The case is a vintage Asus Vento ATX that I purchased for a Folding@Home farm that I was maintaining. The power supply is a refurbished 500W VisionTek power supply. It’s a cheapie but I’ll give it a shot.

VisionTek Power Supply
VisionTek Power Supply

My Phenom II will be moved to this “new-old” case and the RX560 that I currently have in-use will also be moved. I have an RX570 8GB video card that I have on the way and I’ll install that into my main desktop.

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