Details on the WordPress server ;)

Some details on my quaint little FreeNAS box. It has had a relatively simple life providing files over CIFS and NFS, but now it’s time to put her to work and see how far I can stretch it out! This wordpress site is running off of a jail if you haven’t noticed ;). My ZFS kit is a stripe (gasp!) and has no redundancy (yet) but for my purposes before hosting any public facing stuff, that stripe was all that I could need.

  • FreeNAS 9.3
  • AMD Sempron(tm) 3850 APU with Radeon(tm) R3
  • 8GB RAM

Hosting: 3 jails/4 Virtual Systems Total

  • transmission (jail)
  • virtualbox (jail) hosting 1 VM for GitLab (Ubuntu)
  • WordPress (jail)


    1. Hi Dan,

      I’ve updated the info. on my post! I’m running transmission, FreeBSD 10 for the wordpress site and phpVirtualBox in jails. phpVirtualBox is hosting my GitLab server, so far with all public projects.

      Thank you,
      Brodey Dover

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