Tire Weather Website

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about building a quick website to help my fellow enthusiasts in Canada to decide on whether or not they should install their high-specification summer tires. So far, this is what I’ll use to represent the idea/basic logic/basic design spec. I think that I’ll be doing this in C# since I am familiar with .NET but I’m pleasantly surprised at just how similar Ruby on Rails is to .NET MVC. Something tells me that it isn’t an accident ;).


– Threshold is 7C
– Outlook is 14 days
– Minimums are used to determine outdoor-overnight parking
– High is used to determine indoor-overnight parking

Location object
– City (String)
– Province (String)
– Country (String)

Parking Object
– Location

Weather Data Object
– City (String)
– Province (String)
– Country (String)

Days Object
– Minimum Temperature (Integer)
– Maximum Temperature (Integer)
– Rain (boolean)

Tire Object
– Class
– Lowest Temperature

UPDATE: Added Tire Object to allow support for different tire classes. Also, cleaned up some of the entities so they are more like a real UML.

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